Interesting Developments is the brain child of Willa Truter! However; the name of this site has been birth by Willa's very talented and creative husband, André during a discussion they had about Ah,Willa!'s vision and mission!  A HUGE one!

Being creative and an intellectual thinker, Willa set out to realise her huge vision! 

Known as ♫~♥Ah,Willa!♥~♫ ; she is not just creative and an intellectual thinker, but also an autodidact / neurodiversity activist / poet / song writer / genealogist / natural lifestyle consultant / motivational speaker / mother / momuter /wife and so much more. A real MultiPotentiolite.  Ah,Willa! is known for statements such as : 

♫ Life offers storms, but God offers solutions! ♫

♫ NeuroDiversity rocks the world - accept & adapt ♫

♫ BELIEVE in your kids, ACCEPT him/her for WHO (S)HE is and LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY and they will SOAR no matter what challenges they face!♫

As you know, Rome was not build in one day and neither will this site be, though the dream is already soaring high into realms not limited to small minded imagination!

This is a Biblical orientated Family Lifestyle Blog/Vlog/Static site set out to:
1. share information.
2. uplift and encourage. 
3. provide links to usable and cost effective resources.
4. to earn extra income for special needs households, that only relay on one income.

In short we will vlog/blog about L.I.F.E.  
L.I.F.E stands for Learning In (a) Family Environment and this will include: 

  • Home Education (HomeEd). Nope not school at home!
  • NeuroDiversity, Autism and Special Needs that interlinks with humans!
  • A Natural and Biblical orientated lifestyle!
  • Life After Traumatic Events - as it happens in this world!
  • Genealogy - as that is the roots of the life today living towards tomorrow.
  • Bibs and Bobs of this and thats!
  • And even more family related matters. 

It's like living in a shoe!  Not knowing what it is like to live in a shoe, this would be a great place to find out what living in a shoe is all about. 

Living in a shoe can be much fun, spending time in the sun and counting the stars. Living in a shoe is filled with great things, such as romance, birth of new life, amazing discovering and yes even holidays.  Nevertheless; living in a shoe is also part of being amongst other shoes in the shoe store.  Some can be mean and plain without thought or feeling for another, so living in a shoe can be painful. Being called names, fearing the bullies next action, being force to do what no baby shoe ever should have too or saying goodbye to a loved old shoe at the end of its lifespan ...  

Living in a shoe, well here you will find out what it is all about!

Just like Rome was not build in one day, neither would our shoe ... oops, I mean site; be! It is going to be filled with wonderful things from all kinds of shoes, or as you love to call them, bloggers! Interesting Developments is in a process of developing around a great vision and mission and you simply have to visit again and again to see where this shoe will be walking to next!

© 28 July 2017