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HomeEd or homeschooling, is thankfully legal in South Africa. As it is in many other countries, however some in countries it not.  

There are many reasons way parents choose to HomeEd and we will address that in another blog post.  Here we will look at WHAT HomeEd is.

However, though it is legal to education our children at home, there are legalities that parents needs to understand. Parents also need to know and understand the constitution of South Africa.  Best is to join the Pestalozzi Trust for legal assistance and advice. 

HomeEd is not a school at home! (Though some parents choose to follow a school at home style) HomeEd is a continuos educational development while having fun exploring that which interest your child; teaching in a way (s)he learns! (Ah,Willa! own definition) 

HomeEd is when the student is taught at his/her home by his/her parents/grandparents or appointed tutor.  The moment the student leave the house to attend a group or center, it is no longer HomeEd! It will then fall under cottage schools / learning centers and other alternatives to mainstream education, it's best to visit the Pestalozzi Trust for information, advice and legality matters.

I will be using the term HomeEd through out my blogs as I am not fond of the term homeschool, as it only creates confusion as to what we are truly doing.  Everything, but school at home! 

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