Who is behind ID - The TEAM

Ah,Willa! Is the owner of Interesting Developments (ID), but what you see is a team effort and here we will introduce you to the people behind ID.

Andre Truter

André Truter

The Left Brain behind
Interesting Developments 

Never judge a book on its covers, because what you will find on the inside might actually surprise you!  A software developer that solves the problems you don't even know you have, but also a creative thinker with insight and understanding of so many topics and things. 

Visit his site - TruSoft Software


Theo Truter

The Real Brain behind
Interesting Developments 

Born outside the box of typical and not so typical. Breaking all the typical rules of the NeuroDiverse labels. Drawing his own lines and shapes in ways no one else thought off ... finding ways for you to know what he wants and to see to it, though he's verbal command is not typical - he speaks Theolish! His innovative, creative and full of humour.  To know him is a blessing!

Visit his site - Theo Truter


♫~ ♥ Ah,Willa! ♥~♫

The Right Brain behind
Interesting Developments

An Autodidact / MultiPotentiolite / NeuroDiversity Activist / Content Creator/ Poet / Genealogist / Natural and Autistic Lifestyle Consultant / MOTHER / wife and so much more ...

to focus on one thing would be boring ...
well I have never tried before

♫ NeuroDiversity rocks the world - accept & adapt ♫

Visit her site - Ah,Willa!

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