Willa from ID reviewed : Beyond the Stick Figure

ID reviewed Beyond the Stick Figure Drawing CourseRecently an opportunity to review the new Beyond the Stick Figure Art Course in exchange for free access to the course for the next year were given and I took this opportunity for a few reasons and here is why: 

  1. As a home educator for the past 10 years, I  am always looking for great home education programs and want to share the best of the best with my audience.  This is my very first official review! There were other opportunities, it is just that I am truly picky about quality and time spent!
  2. I was actually on the lookout for a perfect art program for my 10 year old twice-exceptional (2e) son, but finding a teacher/tutor that understands him, and apply positive teaching methods is kinda like finding teeth in a chickens mouth until I found Sally Stansfield's course!

I need you to understand what challenges we as a Trio-family unit face so that you can understand why I am so in love with the Beyond the Stick Figure Art Course!  We are an autistic 2e family.  Dad and Mom were diagnosed ASD1 the year after our son being diagnosed ASD2.  We have a long string of medical labels that adds to our challenges, but an even longer list of strengths, skills and talents, therefore we are bright and quirky (2e).  Our son has also been classified a borderline genius, if not a genius.  We did not go for the formal testings, as we want him to enjoy his childhood with no pressure to be or to perform all the time!

One of the biggest reasons we opt for home education instead of mainstream/specialized schooling is to ensure that we build on his strengths while supporting him to overcome his challenges! And besides, were where told by a specialized educator that our son will never learn nor talk and to build a trust fund to take care of him once we are gone. The kinda person we avoid and more so, we did not believe this person! We believed in the God who created our amazing son and our son's abilities even though he is so different. We have a positive parenting approach and always look for educators that use a positive teaching methodology - building on the strength without making one feel broken/less because of a challenge - yet supporting the challenge! The very first video when you start the course, Sally Stansfield address parents about this very point and I was sold!   

Hyperfocus on special interest, will lose interest if you under challenge him, executive function, motor skill planning, hyperactive, dysgraphia (struggle to write due to low muscle tone) is but a few challenges we face. His also a kinetic-visual-audio learner.  He has to move, see, hear while doing in order to learn! So, you can imagine that we look for programs that can really accommodate his needs, yet not underestimate him.  We found it!  Beyond the Stick Figure Art Course!

What is the Beyond the Stick Figure Art Course?

The Beyond the Stick Figure Art Course is a full year, self-paced video-based art (starting with drawing, then painting (acrylic and watercolor) and sculpture and so much more) course hosted on the Teachable platform and is taught by Sally Stanfield, a homeschool mom and a degreed art teacher who believes that every child is a genius.  

And I do see this in my son, even though he has dysgraphia and only started to build confidence after the age 6 to attempt his hand at drawing. It was mainly a messy bunch of lines, but when he told us what it was, we knew he is artistic, just challenged at the moment.  We kept praising him and encouraging him until now. I would not want anyone to kill his innovation, creativeness nor passion and Sally's method will only develop and encourage!   Here is an example of my son's recent drawings, this drawing is done without lifting his hand once! And just look at what he accomplished! 

Beyond the Stick Figure Theo saw build draw

The video starts with finding and drawing basic shapes and lines. On the left-hand side column is a few of my own attempts of the first few lessons.  I am one of those art-genius that was killed during childhood, but seems a revival might be possible, thanks to Sally Stansfield! Every day's lessons might seem odd and leading now where, but if you work with Sally Stansfield, on the end you see how see pulls what you have learned into a real wow project!  Thus keep going, keep smiling, keep practising - you will find the end result WORTH IT! 

And you know what?  It matter's not where in the world you are, your child or YOU can do Sally Stansfield's course! You can pay by credit card or PayPal!

Network with Beyond the Stick Figure with Sally Standfield on Interesting Developments ID

Why do I think Beyond the Stick Figure Art Course is the best art course?

  1. Sally reminds the parent to speak life over the children!

  2. Sally follows a positive teaching method/approach and inspires to be creative.

  3. Sally speaks clear and shows what she talks about at all times.

  4.  Little-to-no prep time needed.  It's doable for homeschool families or an extra for class! Even if you deal with special needs!

  5. Lessons are short, but powerful, for all ages!

  6. The course is flexible and you can work every day, or one day per week or whatever suits your time table in your own pace!

  7. A very unique way to lead one to look through an artistic eye in easy steps. 

  8. For Autistics who think literally and struggles with figurative language, it would be easy to follow this course. I know as I am an adult Autistic, married to one and so is our amazing autistic son who’s also super hyper.

What Materials do you need to do the Beyond the Stick Figure Art Course?

  1. An electronic device such as a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a computer to connect to the Internet and of course the Teachable platform where this course is hosted.
  2. A stable connection to the Internet, but don't worry about data - since the course is flexible and at your own pace, you can also work it into your monthly data-budget!
  3. A ream of white copy paper.
  4. A set of high standard color markers. Sally recommends the Prismacolor 12 marker set (primary and secondary colors) which is available on Amazon.com, but for those in South Africa - here is two more options if your local art shop does not hold them: 
    importitall.co.za (we often buy through them) 
    ubuy.za.com (never bought via them, but they do offer it cheaper)
  5. A Strathmore skets pad.

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Beyond The Stick Figure by Sally Stansfield

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