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Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the assimilation of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits into a format that is uniqueYOU! 

A good education enables the leaner (student) to increase innovation and creativity in a natural flow of the person/child's readiness to the beat of their own drumming!  

Though the leaders of all society have brainwashed their communities into the idea that the current school systems are the only way to obtain an education - that is not true!  In fact, current school systems hinder learning and therefore education, for most children/adults as we all are NeuroUnique and "one box fits all" simply does not work!

Educational methods include reasoning, (interactive or normal) notebooking, theme/unit studies, storytelling, discussion, lecturing, training, demonstrations, collaboration (group work),  self-directed-learning and directed research. Mainstream education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, however, home education or distance education allows learners to educate themselves through self-directed learning. People who self-educate are also known as autodidacts!

Education can be formal or informal.

Formal education is commonly divided into levels: preschool/kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, college, university, apprenticeship. On the other hand, informal education has no levels and often no tests/exams - but becomes a habit of long life learning until the person timeline on earth comes to an end. 

The United Nations recognised a right to educations as a basic human right and most countries/cultures have compulsory education to a certain age.

Now, if you have the freedom to do so, make education a wonderful learning adventure!   Remember it is a journey, not a race, nor a comparison! 

Here at Interesting Developments, we will be focusing on HOME EDUCATION or Self Directed Learning. For Mainstreaming and formal education you will need to go elsewhere for information.  Google is your friend too :-) 

Site is being developed, more to come SOON!  In the meantime visit our review on an amazing art course.

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