We are all NeuroUnique!  Yes, we are! 

However, the world is at war about NeuroDiversity labels. They fight about what may or may not be the causes off. They fight about who is guilty of creating the causes. The fight about who knows better than who about it all. They even fight about the word NeuroDiversity, which is also a movement of sorts, but firstly a word that uniquely describes different neurological diverse conditions.

It seems that only people with book knowledge (in other words; degreed with pedigrees kinda people) have the power to decide what it is or what it is not and how to treat or not to treat those whose brains are differently wired, who are bright and quirky and who really innovate and creates in away typicals can only dream off. 


One would think that the person living with it daily would know more, but we are at peace here.  While they fight out there, we decided to focus on the positive of it all and move on. They go round and round in circles with mostly fluff-science, no real evidence-based. Just a circle of more circle maybe's and perhaps or most likely's - as I said, fluff-science! While they play ring-around-the-rosies with this and that, we move forward living the best life we can with WHO and WHAT we are!

But then, what is NeuroDiversity

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