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fsm What are Freshly Squeezed Moments?
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Poems and Inspirational Thoughts by Ah,Willa! and collective of Christian Poets/Inspirational Authors that: 

  • Write poetry and inspirational thoughts from the heart.
  • Share their favourite Bible Verses from His Word creatively. 
  • Bibs and bobs about Ah,Willa!'s thoughts and poems. 
  • Bibs and bobs about YOUR thoughts and poems. (see details below)
  • Poetry/Inspirational Thought & Competitions.

All to the Glory of His Wonderful Name!
Poetry from more than one person will be featured!
To have an album featuring your poetry - contact 

If you like any of the work, kindly share with your family and friends with © copyright and hyperlinks intact.  Sharing is caring, but claiming somebody else's work/thoughts as your own, is not just a legal offence that is punishable by law; but it is simply sad! In copy someone else's thoughts/work as your own,  you show no respect to your own authentic original YOU or that of the person you claim to be!  

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